Wednesday, January 28, 2009

9 Months

Well we made it past the 9 month mark...can you believe it! I know I write that every time but I still can't believe how gracious God has been to us to let us grieve and yet go on with our lives and let the time pass. On the 23rd, our friends, Darin and Tanya, were actually here so that helped us not to linger on the fact that our little girl had been gone for 9 months. We were actually down at Rochester showing Darin and Tanya around the town and the complex they call Mayo...I know...we know how to entertain our guests don't we?!?! But we do think that place is truly amazing and we found the museum in the Mayo building so that was kinda fun to see. And we took them to the chapel at St. Mary's...if you haven't seen it yet, you do need to's truly a work of art and it is so beautiful! Anyway...we are doing good. Having these babies on the way makes it a little easier, which is what we were hoping for. It was either going to make it harder or easier...I'm glad it's the latter...not that they will ever replace Emma, but they will give us a reason to celebrate and a reason to get up in the morning and they will be a constant reminder to us of their sister...every milestone they have I'm sure I'll wonder if that's how Emma would have done it or if that's how old she would have been when she started to do that. And now that these babes are starting to move more it reminds me of her again. That first excitement of feeling your baby move inside of can't even describe how wonderful it feels! And just feeling them reminds me of how I would look forward to her every move...especially in the end 'cause I knew she was safe and that she was okay. Jon and I were just saying the other day...we can't believe that April is coming up so fast. We still don't know what we will do to mark the one year anniversary or her birthday...but whatever it is it will be special. Well I will let you all go for now...I just wanted to make sure I wrote as I have not written on here for awhile...I'm sorry for that! Take care and we'll talk again! ~Ali

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