Friday, August 8, 2008


I will never forget this day just one year ago. Quite possibly one of the happiest days of my life (of course marrying Jon and the birth of Emmalee are at the very top...but this one follows close behind)...this was the day I found out I was actually going to become a mom. I remember right where I was and what I was doing....I was working. I knew that I would find out this day because I had to go take a blood test to find out...when you do fertility treatments that's just part of it...and I had peed on so many sticks in the past...just to find out that I was not pregnant...that I was not going to do that this time...why be disappointed again. The funny things was that this was the first time I thought that I wasn't pregnant...didn't think it had happened. So anyway...back to the day. We had gone out to eat for my birthday at work (which is also one of the reasons I will never forget this's 2 days before my birthday and what could have been a better birthday fact Jon took me away last year on my birthday and we celebrated the whole weekend the fact that we were going to be parents!) and I didn't feel 100%...not sick...just not right...I had the feeling that I was really, really full and I hadn't eaten that much at all. Well we got back to the shop and the clinic still hadn't called so I called them because I knew they closed at 3:30...the secretary told me that they had gotten a fax with my results and she'd have a nurse call me...well she didn't sound too positive so I didn't get my hopes up. My next client came in and I told her that I was waiting for a call from my dr. office and that if I got it I needed to excuse myself...well at around 3:30 the nurse finally called...and wouldn't you know it...she said, "well, your pregnant" understand this is the nurse that is not my favorite at the clinic and she's not the warmest this was her being excited for me...I just kept have to be kidding have to be kidding me. And now I have to go back and finish my client....well I did...I might have been shaking a little more....when I told her at her next appointment what that phone call really was about she asked me how I ever finished her haircut! I don't know...but she didn't have any complaints about it so it must have been okay! And then wouldn't you know I had my dad next...and of course I couldn't tell him because I hadn't even told Jon fact I lied to Jon and said that I hadn't gotten the results yet and now they were closed! More on that later. came in...haircut...and then dinner...and I still had that feeling in my stomach but I sucked it up and ate anyway (my second time at Applebees that day) and he sat there telling me to not get discouraged...that someday I'd have was a nice talk and all the while I'm trying not to smile because I know something. Thanks dad by the always know the right things to say (he's the one who had to listen to me complain at the age of 20 that I was never going to find a husband...and he'd tell me to be will have plenty of time...and then on my 21st birthday again telling me that I wasn't getting old and I'd find someone soon...I met Jon 2 months later!...again...thanks dad). So anyway...after dinner I went home and Jon still wasn't there...and so I put his little gifts out by the bathroom sink for him...bib and onesies that said "I love my daddy"...and then I decided that I wanted to see the 2 pink lines so I took the home pregnancy test that I had and home...and finally...I got to see what I had longed to see...2 pink lines! Well Jon got home and I had all that sitting on the counter...he went in to take a shower and I just waited outside the door...waiting for him to see his little gifts...and I waited and waited and waited...I thought he'd see them right away...all of a sudden the door flew open and he asked if this was for real...and I said...yep...I lied to you...they called today to confirm it! Oh happy day!

8-8-07 -- 8-8-08

What a year! I was just reflecting on it on my way home. And today I cried. I haven't cried in a least a week or more...but today I did. It all hit me. Last year I was so excited that I was going to have a baby to celebrate my birthday with...our lives were going to change forever...and that scared the crap out of me...but I was happy! Yes...a lot can happen in the course of a year...and our lives have been changed forever. And for the good. I wouldn't change a thing about this past's exactly the way it's suppose to be...even if I don't like it sometimes. Thank you for being on this journey with us...all your love and support and prayers have been so encouraging to us. We put this on the front of Emmalee's stone:

God used this one little girl,
with her special little heart,
to change the world forever!
God is good, all the time!

And I definitely find this statement to be true. Thanks for letting me share this special memory with you...I hope you all have a wonderful 8-8-08!


Brittney said...

Thanks for sharing this story!! It made me cry... I know what a blessing that was to find out!! :) And that IS amazing that you finished her haircut!!

P.S. You have the coolest ways of telling people exciting news... the Uncle Sam and Aunt B shirts, and the things you set out for Jon to find... how special! :)

Candie said...

What a wonderful story Ali!! I cried the whole time. What a wonderful memory to treasure. Thank you for sharing.

Also, about Emma's stone. It reminds of the Old Testament when significant things would happen, an altar would be built to God to remember that event. Emma's stone, to me, is your altar to God in rememberance of her.