Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tragedy in little ole Nerstrand

Hi all! I'm not going to write much because I'm just pooped and two because I don't have too much pressing here to write. But if you live around here (or anywhere in MN) you've likely heard that there was a horrible accident in Nerstrand involving a 6 year old girl and a 3 year old boy. The story is that the 6 year old little girl was upstairs with her 3 year old brother and she found a gun (a pretty big handgun...a 357 if that means anything to didn't to me) in a night stand of her mom's boyfriend...they haven't lived here in town very long...I've only seen the little boy once...cute kid...anyway...I guess there were 5 out of 6 live rounds in the gun and the first time she shot it nothing happened...and so she pulled the trigger again and it went off and hit her brother in the back of the head...they did fly him out of here but he later died at the hospital from his's just so sad. I feel so bad for the little girl...last night I just kept praying for her that God would just guard her thoughts...guard her heart...guard her sight...just please Lord send someone to GUARD HER!!! From what I've heard they may not have had the greatest family life...some in town I guess had thought about calling child services but no one they feel bad for not doing so. And they were also sending in counselors to be with the first responders because I guess of the nature of the accident and what they saw...if these grown people can't handle do they think this little 6 year old girl will do?! I just pray that God wipes her memory of this and that she will be able to live a normal life. And like Jon least her little brother is in Heaven now...maybe he didn't even know what minute he's playing upstairs with his sister...the next minute he's playing in Heaven with our Emmalee...I'm sure she's showing him the ropes. Oh wait...what am I saying...she's just a baby! Well who knows...they are together...that's the only sure thing I know...and Jesus is taking good care of them:) So please just continue to keep this family in your prayers...especially this little girl. One side note on this...I have now seen the media in action...they were trying to get any information from any of us that happened to be out and was pretty interesting to watch...they were looking to see if anyone had a picture of this little boy...actually any info at all...but like I said...they were new to town and no one really knew too much about them except for the fact that they were seen around town by's interesting...even if I did have a picture or info...would I really give it out?! But I guess people do...that's how we get the news! And onto the other news from our house...Emmalee's stone is in place! We had everyone come out on Sunday to was kinda fun watching Jon work the skid loader to place the rock...and then watching the other guys trying to help him get it just right...thank you to our family who came out to help and to be a part of this special moment. I'll post the picture for you all to see...the hole in the top is for her picture...the granite piece still isn't done so I'll put in another picture when it's all complete. Well I think that's all for now...hope some of you were able to catch Steven Curtis Chapman and his family on Good Morning America this was a nice their faith is helping them get through losing their little girl...I could relate with some of what they said...very inspiring...but I knew it would be...his songs are amazing...he definitely let's God's Word shine through! more thing...I was reading Ryan and Lora's caring pages yesterday (they were the couple we met while at the RM House...she had cancer and had to deliver their baby early so she could start treatments) sounds like the cancer and tumors are gone from her body...she still has a few treatments left and a bone marrow transplant but it all sounds very encouraging! Praise God! God is good all the time! I think that's all! Hope you all have a great week!

So there it is...pretty huh! When it's completely finished I'll post pictures of all the details on you can actually see what the stone says and all...on the back of the rock we put her Child of Faith's really nice. Talk to you all later!


Candie said...

Oh Ali, Emma's stone is gorgeous!! What a wonderful tribute to her. I will be praying for that little girl. How horrible!! She will have to live with that the rest of her life. Anyway, I pray that God will bless you and Jon this coming week. I started a blog and you are more than welcome to check it out at

Anonymous said...

Ali and Jon - it's beautiful - really special and unique! Makes me think of Who is our Rock! I'm so sorry for your community tragedy. HEALING - comes from the One who created us - God will use the prayers of the people to bring comfort to this family. Possibly spiritual healing! I love you two and the witness you have been throughout your lives and Emmalee's life. You are some of His chosen and I count myself privileged to know you. Keep serving!