Monday, March 3, 2008

Another Visit to Mayo

Last Friday we went down to Mayo again for a full day of appointments. Our first was with Jeri, who gives tours of the hospitals. So now we have seen where the labor rooms, delivery rooms, and recovery rooms are. I feel a little more prepared...although Mayo (or Methodist Hospital) definitely feels like a real hospital! I made that comment and my doctor said....well yeah...Northfield is more like a hotel than a hospital! We also got to see the NICU which was kinda hard to see since there were so many babies many little babies! Our baby will look like a giant compared to them! But our baby will probably not spend too much time there because he or she will eventually be transferred up to the cardio unit, which we also got to see. There was one baby up there that must have just had just gave us a little dose of reality to see that little one with all the tubes hooked up to it...but it was definitely good to see all the different parts of the hospital where we will be at. Then we had time for lunch so we got to try Jimmy Johns, which Jon has wanted to try for a while and we also had time to just go exploring on our own and see what else is there at Mayo...I swear that place goes on forever! Then we had another ultrasound done...nothing too new there...they didn't even give us any pictures...but it was definitely clear to both of us how small that left side of the heart is....I should have asked for a picture of that so I could show all of you...maybe next time. The baby is measuring 4 lbs 3 oz so we have a good little grower on our hands. And the fluid level still looks good and the baby is still head down! So then it was off to see Dr. Davies....he basically just said that the baby is looking good...I'm doing good with my gestational diabetes too. He did set up our induction so....April 10th is the day we will be induced...we have to be down to Mayo on April 9th at 7 p.m. to start the process so that hopefully the baby will be born during the day on April 10th! I guess that was the biggest news of the day! The next appointment was with the baby doc...he's so full of energy which is probably why he's a baby doctor. He just explained to us what exactly happens to the baby after he or she is born. We'll have a few minutes to hold the baby and then they will take him/her to the next room and start a few IV's and get ready to transport the baby over to St. Mary's. But they will bring the baby by before they go for us to see him or her again and then Jon can go over to St. Mary's about an hour later to be with the baby. Then once I'm feeling okay they will let me go over in a wheelchair via a hospital shuttle to spend some time with our baby. So that was encouraging news. And then our last appointment was with a social worker who just basically helps us find a place to stay down there and answers any other questions we might have. So that was our long day...a good day full of information! Well....until later....


Nate and Jen said...

Hey Ali. Thanks for the great updates. It'll be hard not to be with baby right after he/she's been born, but if I can do it and make it through, you surely can!

andrea said...

Hey Feldmans,
It was good to see you the other day. Ali, you look so cute. Looking forward to meeting baby Feldman! Just make sure you get doorknobs on the bathroom door before the baby comes!!!
Love you,
Cousin Andrea

The Swartys said...

wow, april 10th, good days and thanks again for the update. man, fun times for sure knowing that your baby will be meeting you soon, loved that feeling. take care and jon, your cute to don't let anyone tell you different.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ali & Jon,
Thank you for the information on your baby and your busy day at Mayo. I feel a bit connected to Mayo because I often send reports there on patients who are going there for various reasons. I know they will take good care of you and your precious baby. Looks like you are about down to 4 weeks and your life changes forever. God has plans - I know you will recognize His hand! You know I love you - will love your baby too!!!
lotsa love, mary

Jonathan, Amanda & Luke said...

Hey Ali! I'm so glad you have this blog now--and that I got your email! :) We have been, and will continue to be, praying for your precious baby. One month from exciting!!