Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Ultrasound Pics

Our latest visit to Mayo was on March 12th and it was just for another ultrasound and check-up with our Dr. Nothing too new to report. The baby is measuring about 4lbs and 15 oz! So he or she is doing good. We got to have some fun with the baby during the ultrasound...our tech needed the baby to move so he kept bugging the baby until he or she moved...and we finally got the baby to move it's hands away from it's face! I don't know if you'll be able to tell from the pictures that there is a face there but I can and I think he or she looks like me! ha! And we were also able to see little fat rolls on the baby's back and we could even see the hair on the baby's head! Technology is pretty amazing! Alright, that's the scoop for now....I'll try to help you out with the pictures. Here they are:

This is the face....hint you have to look at it sideways....the baby is laying this way--> can see the forhead, eyes (or eyelids...his or her eyes are closed), cheek, mouth, and nose...then there is a little hand right underneath the cute:)

These are the baby's lips and nose...kinda looks like the baby is ready to kiss us!

They tell us this is the baby's ear....I think the baby might have gotten these from Jon:) we have the heart....we remembered to get one to show you all what they are saying. See how the right side (RT) is bigger than the left (LT). It should be that the left side is the same size or just a little bigger than the right. And then just above those two chambers you'll see that little canal opening (looks like 2 fingers with a gap between them) that's the AV Canal Defect that shouldn't be there. So once the baby is born they will do an echo to the baby and start to figure out exactly what they are going to do as far as surgery goes...that is if we don't have a miracle by then and all this is fixed before the baby is born:)


The Swartys said...

Seriously, thanks for the updates, that is always a sweet thing to see. Your baby! Thinking of you guys a ton.
chris, rachel, morgan and taylor

Brittney said...

Wow... amazing pics. It is going to be such a cutie! Can't wait to meet him or her. :) And maybe see a miracle in the process!!

Jonathan, Amanda & Luke said...

Too precious! We're praying for you guys. :)

andrea said...

Hey guys,
It was good to see you the other day...if I had actually thought for 2 seconds I would have asked you if you had supper yet. I think I was just so surprised to see you. I so excited to meet the newest Feldman.