Friday, March 28, 2008

Maybe next week?

Well we went down for our appointment today. We had to do a non-stress test first. The baby did really good with that. I even had a few contractions and the baby did fine during those, which is a good sign. The heart rate was really good and even though I was a little anxious my blood pressure was good too. Then we had an ultrasound to check the fluid levels and the activity in the cord. All that looked really good too! Even the ultrasound tech was amazed that they were concerned last time and wanted us to come in today. He didn't see anything that concerned him. All good news. We then met with our doctor and he seemed pleased with the results and just said he wanted to see us again on Monday to check again. So I guess we will be just taking it a few days at a time! Thank you to all of you who were praying for us. We definitely felt covered in prayers! Jon thinks this baby is going to be a teaser (like him!) since he or she is already keeping us on our toes (meaning at one visit they're concered with the baby and at the next visit the baby seems fine)! Well that's about it...I guess we'll see what they say on Monday!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ali and Jon,
Good news indeed! Hannah is here visiting me (she's 13 you know) and I just told her I was checking your blog and if there was nothing there, I was calling your Mom's number to see what was up - glad to hear things are holding. I love you! -mary

J.T. & Kel said...

Praise the Lord! Glad to hear good news!!! We'll keep praying and keep checking in with your blog. Love to you!
JT and kel

Emily Proctor said...

Yeah for you all! I was just touched to pray for you and go check the blog. Thanks for the update. I pray all is well at the next appointment, too! can't wait for the news!