Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One thing I've learned...

If there is one thing that I've learned this year, it's that you can't control what happens in and rained...all day...on Sunday! If you remember...Sunday was the day we had our big party for all the doctors, nurses, and everyone else that was involved with helping us with Emmalee. Oh well...I prayed for no rain...but there must have been a reason that it needed to rain that day (do you remember the movie Bruce Almighty? God can't answer all our prayers with a yes...He's ultimately in control and know what's best for everyone)...and we survived. We just all moved into the small house...and still had a great time. It was so good to see everyone again! Emma's last day was so rushed and not everyone was working that day that had taken care of her so we didn't get to say good-bye and thank everyone. Also...that little girl of ours helped us create a bond with all of these people and we don't want that bond to break...we enjoyed getting to know everyone...even during the circumstance that we were in. Pretty special...anyway...we had fun...lots of food...lots of stories and remembering...and lots of making plans for future get togethers! Thank you to everyone who was good to see you all! And thank you to all our family who helped us put on this party...who came to help clean my house...and who helped get the food ready and helped put it out that day...and let me and Jon be able to socialize! Other than not too much is new with us. Jon did get the backyard's so cool...and beautiful. I'll post a picture so you all can see it! But I think I'm going to close for was five months since Emmalee's heart of the worst days of my life...I was struck that day with such worry...that worry is so unbearable...I pray that I never feel that kind of worry again...and I was just telling my sis-in-law, Annette, about the long walk...down the white awful it was and how I wanted to request a wheelchair 'cause I literally felt like I could just pass out at any minute...and she was surprised that they didn't offer one...especially since I had just had a baby. But the strength was there for me and I got through it...we got through it. And we have new relationships with people that we would have never had...for that...we are very grateful to God. Well have a great week's a few pictures for you!

Isn't my backyard so pretty! My husband is so talented!

More backyard pictures....the paver patio has a 3 foot fire pit in the middle of it! Fun huh!

I forgot to put this image on with her other pictures of her stone...this is just a little sentiment on the front of her stone...just a statement we believe to be true. There is also a heart on the front corner that says...Loved dearly by her mommy and daddy, Ali and Jon.

Okay...can I tell you how weird it is to see your own name on a funeral plot map!?!


Candie said...

The backyard is beautiful. Tell Jon he did a great job! I'm glad the party went well. The doctors and nurses need to know how much they are appreciated, especially in a bad situation. They don't ever get thanked enough. The Lord blesses you when you bless others.

Jennie said...

Well done, Jon! I'd love to be invited over for a cookout :) Sorry for the rain, but glad to hear the day was encouraging for all of you. Love you much - see you very soon!