Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sunday Night

Well your prayers must have worked! I had just one little serving of taco meat left over after all had been served at the Ronald McDonald House dinner! I'm talking like only one taco could have been filled with the amount I had left! Plenty of lettuce, cheese, shells, and chips left though! Four bags of lettuce to be exact! But it was a really fun night. It was good to be back and a little hard. You kinda miss being in that environment...because if you were there that would mean you would have a child to be there for. And yet I don't envy the couples and families we met there. We met one family from WI that had been there previously...only to have to come back as soon as they got to their home because their sons cancer had come back...they've been there since March (Jon and I thought they looked familiar) and they hope to be home right after Thanksgiving...the kid said that was okay with him just as long as they were home for Christmas and his birthday. What a good attitude! And then there was the couple from Menominee, WI who had a baby born prematurely....he told us that he had built up time off from working overtime this last winter snow plowing (he works for the highway dept.) and that even though that time was running out all of his co-workers were donating their days off so that he could stay down there with his wife and baby. Jon and I were talking...stories like that really should be on the news...the goodness of people in today's don't hear stories like that very often. There were a lot of couples there who had babies in the was fun talking to them and about their experiences...and we all agreed...all the nurses up there are wonderful! So in all it was a very successful night and a very rewarding and fun night! And we got to deposit a bunch of pop tops in their big house box...that was fun for the kids! We can't wait to do it again! Other than that...we've been busy getting our house and our yard ready for the party we are having at our house on September 14th...we invited all of Emmalee's doctors and nurses...we just wanted to give them a proper thank you and figured this would be a fun way to do it...we just hope we have a good turnout...we'd love to see them all again! Sometime I'll have to post pictures on here of our transformation! It's looking so nice...Jon is really doing a good job! And...this weekend is Defeat of Jesse James it will be full of fun activities! It's always a good time around Northfield. more note...Emma's headstone should be completely finished this weekend when the granite piece with her picture gets placed! Exciting! Well...hope you all have a great week...we'll chat with you later!


Brittney said...

Glad it went well! Awesome planning with the one taco left! :) It was cool to read the stories of people living there... makes me grateful for being healthy which I usually take for granted!

Jennie said...

I love hearing about your continued relationship with the hospital staff & the RM house. You both are inspirations, to serve & be present with people & places that must also bring back difficult memories, but to turn that back to God's glory - thanks for sharing with us! I admire you both so much & miss you!!!

Pass my love to John!