Thursday, September 25, 2008

Afternoon at Valley Grove

Well I do have to say that this week was pretty uneventful. What should have been a really hard day on Tuesday, was not so bad. I was at work all day and I was really busy so that helps. On Sunday we went out to Valley Grove (where Emma is buried) because they were having a Country Social! It was so fun! They had both churches open and they had horse and wagon rides for the kids (and adults!)...there were some musical groups there putting on shows and they had refreshments...I think they do this every year so we're excited to go back next year! Valley Grove obviously holds a special place in our lives now so it's fun to go to the events that they have there...I guess they have a wonderful Christmas Eve service out there so I think we are going to try to go to that as well. While we were out there we had lots of people commenting on Emma's it was nice to hear that plus be able to make a connection to other people. I think it was the first time for some of our nieces and nephews to see the rock with her picture on's carved in granite, as I said before, and so therefore it's shinny and smooth...they just kept rubbing it...I told Jon that poor Emmalee is going to get rubbed right off of there or rubbed even more shinny! But that's okay....I'm glad they like to touch her face and make a connection with her. Our niece Julia was so cute...when asked who was in the picture she got a real squeal to her voice and said, "that's Emmwawee!" (I tried to type it how it was too cute...too bad you all couldn't have heard it). Well then my mother-in-law said, "well you heard what she said when we came out here to place Emma's rock, didn't you?" And of course my answer was no because had I heard this before it would have already been on this blog! Well that day they walked out there and Julia goes right up to the place where Emmalee was buried and said "Nana, where's Emmalee. I saw Jon put her in the ground right there...where is she?" I guess they must have told her that we were going out to see Emmalee and she wanted to see her. It amazes me what kids do or think or say! Too cute. Well I guess that's all I have for you now...sorry it's Thursday before I get this posted...yesterday just seemed to get away from me! I'll talk to you all later!


Brittney said...

That's so cool that Valley Grove is such an active place - its such a beautiful spot - even more so with Emma's lovely rock. We will have to join you sometime at one of the events.

Karen & Chad said...

Can't wait to see you NEXT WEEK!