Thursday, October 2, 2008

Things are good

Hi everyone! Sorry I didn't post yesterday....kinda forgot! I guess that's a good thing means we are doing good and life is going good, which is such a blessing! I guess all your prayers must be working! So nothing new to report...sorry to bore you all! I've been thinking of maybe starting a new where I can share other things that are happening in our lives (like how I saw New Kids On The Block when they were at the Mall of America...there mom...I put it on here:) She asked me why I didn't put that on my blog and I said...well...'cause it's Emmalee's blog so I can't put stuff on there like the was fun seeing brought back old memories from 4th grade!). I kinda feel like this is just Emmalee's blog and I can't post anything else on it except for stuff that pertains to her...maybe that's silly...but I want her to have this one all to herself. I'll probably still post my feelings on here from time to time but feel like maybe I've aired it all out here and I'm good right now so I don't need to right least not every week...the days from the 10th - 23rd I'm sure I'll have something on here...those days are always hard. I'm just babbling and talking (typing) out loud. So I'll see about that new blog...something for me to think about. I'm going to be leaving next Wednesday for a get together in IN with some of my girlfriends from college so I will be MIA...but I'll be back the next Wednesday...and I'll let you all know how that new blog comes together...or if it does:) You all have a good week...thanks for checking in on me!


Jonathan, Amanda & Luke said...

You're going to be in IN for a whole week and didn't tell me?? :) I know it's your reunion with your girls--have a great time!! But you know, MI is just a short drive away! Too bad you aren't coming a few days earlier; IWU's Homecoming is this weekend and we'll be there. I'd love to see you; I miss you so much! :(

Brittney said...

I was totally thinking you should start a blog just for everyday stuff too... even though I see you on a regular basis I think they're fun to read. :)

Funny about the check... I put it in my pile of mail and I thought, I'll just see if Ali emailed me the amount when I get to work and then I'll fill that out... well I got to work, totally forgot about finishing up that check, and it just got thrown in the mail with the others!! I can send you another one, or you can just sign my name if you want! :)

Candie said...

It's good to hear that you are doing well. I'm a little jealous that you got to see New Kids On The Block! How fun!! Enjoy your trip. Remember, if there is any prayer request please let us know so that we can pray for you. The ladies are always asking me how you are doing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that I've haven't gotten around to calling you lately, but I do keep up with you with this blog. I'd love to follow you to a new blog, too.
I've been working on geneology... did you know that Swenson's mom's name was Emma. There are at least 3 Emma's in our family tree and an Emmelie (Emmalee's 4th cousin once removed) :)
aunt Sue
P.s. The boxes of pop tabs at school are getting pretty full!