Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another day

So baby Emma is doing good this morning. She had a little episode in the night with her blood pressure but now she is stabilizing again. Dr. Burkhardt came and talked with us this morning along with Dr. Durani, who will be taking care of Emma while Burkhardt is gone this next week. He was still positive but yet he said it's still an up and down battle and we still need to give her time. He told us again about the ultrasound of her head...that they didn't see anything but it isn't conclusive and that they'll just give her more time and still keep running more tests in the next few days. The bigger news of the day is that they are starting to warm her up. Very slowly but warming her none the less. Around 2 p.m. they are going to start taking her off sedation and see what kind of movements she does. They don't necessarily think they are going to see anything and if they do it's still too early to tell what they all mean but it would be good to see a little something. So please pray for Emma during that time. Then they will put her back under. They said it's a good thing to take her off sedation once a day and then put her back under. So not too much new with her...just another day of waiting. Thanks to all for your kind words and prayers...can't say it enough! We will let you know if anything new happens!
Jon, Ali, and Emmalee

P.S. It was the Dalai Lama here the other day for anyone what a thing that was to see with the secret service all around...kinda interesting to see all that action for one man and a little sad to see how the people seemed to worship him and bow to him.
P.P.S In case you are wondering why I go back and forth calling her Emma and Emmalee it's because before Emma was born I wanted her name to be Emmalee 'cause I liked it knowing we would call her Emma...Jon just wanted it to be Emma but he let me have my way. Well now he calls her Emmalee most of the time and I call her Emma...I just think it's kind of funny how it all worked out!


Anonymous said...

Jon, Ali and Emma,
It's so good to get these updates everyday. I talked to someone today who told me that a friend of hers stayed up all nite Thursday nite just praying for Emma. Isn't it awesome to think that people all over the country that you may or may not know is holding little Emma up to Jesus in prayer. She is a miracle and God is going to use her in an amazing way. We continue to pray for her and you 24/7.
We love you.
Bill, Jackie, Jesse, Tucker,Tanner

Emily said...

Praise God for these wonderful results. I know it is still a battle for her, but these are good signs! Thanks for the updates...and don't forget to take care of yourselves!!! Giving birth takes such a toll on the body and all deserve a rest. May God grant you some sleep and rest today! We will continue to pray for baby Emmalee. Bryce is now praying for her at bedtime and meals each day. He has such compassion, it is so sweet. :)

Anonymous said...

Jon, Ali and Emmalee,

Please know that you are in our family's prayers. My daughter, Maria, was also born on April 10. She has brought us 16 years of joy, and I know that Emmalee will fill your lives with the same kind of love and laughter.
Stay strong!

Kris Estenson