Friday, April 4, 2008

A Baby for sure next week!

Hi everyone! Sorry it's been a couple of days since our last's been kinda busy around here. Anyways...our appointment on Wednesday went fine. The baby's movements were good. The fluid levels looked fine. The placenta still looked a little questionable since it's got some holes in it but he told us not to worry about that because they do see that from time to time and he doesn't think that it will become a problem in the next week to come. The baby measured 5 lbs 12 oz which is up 4 oz so our little one is continuing to's just not as much weight as they expect most babies to be putting on during the last few weeks. But he said he's not worried as long as the baby keeps moving. So...we go down on Monday for our final check-up...they'll see how far dialated I am and then depending on that we either have to be in on Wednesday night to get the ball rolling or Thursday morning! less than a week we can stop calling this baby Baby Feldman and actually have a real name to call him or her! I'll post a few new ultrasound pictures for everyone...let's see if you can actually tell what you are looking at! Sometimes I think only a mother (and dad...Jon's getting really good at seeing what's in these pictures) can really tell what they are looking at! Well, I guess that's all the news we have for now! Thanks again for checking in on us and for all your prayers! God is definitely at work here!

This picture is a profile of the baby...he or she is laying this way --> And he or she also has it's little hand in it's mouth! I told Jon we need to hurry up and get some pacifiers! I don't want a thumb sucker! You can at least take a pacifier away!

Here's another one of the baby's face...the baby is laying this way --> And his or her little hand and arm are covering it's eyes! It almost looks like it's sticking it's lips out or has it's lips pressed against something! And look at those chubby cheeks and little chin and little nose (or big nose...can't quite tell!). But like I said...I think I appreciate these pictures much more than anyone else!:)


Anonymous said...

Wow Ali - what a beautiful baby!!!??? Well, I'm sure it will be adorable. I hope Jon will have enough sense about him to stick a picture on here immediately after birth!!! Precious in His signt! You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers! lotsa love, mary

Brittney said...

Thanks for the pictures!!!! Just can't wait to meet the new baby!!!

Mandy said...

Thanks for all of the updates Ali - I have been checking regularly. I'm looking forward to seeing baby pictures after he or she is born! Good luck with everything - you are in my thoughts and prayers!

Emily said...

awww! I appreciate those photos! WHat a cutie! Lots of personality already--isn't it amazing. Our ultrasounds were always at 20 wks and didn't look like much. But yes, a mom always cherishes them anyhow.