Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No new news so here's some pictures!

We had an uneventful day, which was nice! Emma did so well today...she just rested quietly for most of the day. We did get to turn off her lights (for her jaundice) for a while and she woke up then and just looked around and watched us talk to her. That was fun to see. But we didn't want to get her too worked up because she still needs to heal so we tried to keep our excitement of seeing her to a minimum. But it looked like she had very blue eyes, although I know those can change. When we went back up to see her tonight (we go back up usually around 9 or 10 to tuck her in and pray with her) we half expected to see the President of the USA by her bedside because there was an entourage of vehicles outside when we came in with Washington D.C. plates...nice Cadillacs! And I did say hi to one of the guys with ear pieces in. But the President was not there...I guess we must have just missed him! I do have to admit I am kind of curious to know who was there tonight...but we'll probably never know. Anyway, nothing new to report. Hope all is well for all of you....we'll keep you posted if anything new happens...not expecting to have anything to report until Thursday though. Well some of you have asked for more pictures so I've posted some for you...and no...believe it or not I'm not posting all the pictures I take of her...she's already a well photographed little girl! Hope you all enjoy the pics! Thanks again for all the prayers...we can't say it enough. We know we definitely serve an awesome God and we can see Him at work so it's so exciting! Take care!
Jon, Ali & Emmalee

Jon's a push over and put a few fingers in her mouth so she could suck on them...she's always wanting to but we don't want her to pull out her tubes so we have to watch her closely!

Daddy's little girl!

Here is her incision from her esophagus...it's right under her right arm...doesn't look too bad!

I think he's in love!

Just relaxing under the blue lights!

Just wanted to show you how long her fingers are! Some say she'll be a piano player!

Cute little feet...actually they are pretty big!


Anonymous said...

HI!! I'm so glad I took time before work to check your blog - wow! I'm reading a book right now "Mistaken Identity" the story about the Taylor Univ. van accident 2 years ago. The girl hospitalized - her "family" kept a daily blog - it is good to be able to have a written journal of what is going on. Maybe one day you can print it all and make a book for Emmalee. LOVE THE NAME so I know she too is lovely! Have a good day - thanks for the fingers and toes. Many blessing to you 3 and still praying for everything tomorrow. much love, mary (g)

Jonathan, Amanda & Luke said...

She is so beautiful guys! I think she has her daddy wrapped around her finger already. ;)

Anonymous said...

Mommy and Daddy!

Thankful to see surgery went well. I've forgotten professionalism at work, I'm always on here checking what's new with your wonderful family. We'll be praying tonight and tomorrow for her next go round. I'm lookin' forward to the day you can hold her in your arms and snuggle her. You two are great. Thanks for being a great example of faithfulness. Have you got to eat some sweet food? Love you guys. Give Emmalee a little kiss for me...or just blow her one. Tell her aunt Chelsea will see her soon!

Karen & Chad said...

Wow! She is beautiful! Thanks for keeping us updated on how you all are doing. We love you so much and are so thankful for your reliance and trust in God.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you have this blog to keep us all up to date! Her pics are so cute and we are so glad things are going along so smoothly. Don't know if you heard I will be in the neighborhood this weekend. I hope I have a chance to see at least some of you. I'm praying for sucess and healing for Emmalee tomorrow. Lynne

louie said...

Hi Jon Ali Emmalee! Just wanted to say that we have you in our prayers. Shes a beautiful baby!! God bless you all Aleka, louie

louie said...

Hi Jon Ali Emmalee! Just wanted to say that we have you in our prayers. Shes a beautiful baby!! God bless you all Aleka, louie