Friday, April 18, 2008

Going strong

Well it's the end of the day and we are back at our room at the Ronald McDonald House (which is such a blessing that we got a room here) and I thought I'd better put a quick update on here for you all. Today was not the roller coaster of a day yesterday was. This morning we got up to see her we went into her room and started talking to her. And then her eyes opened...just little slits but open none the less. We were very surprised to see this and I asked the nurses if she was suppose to be opening her eyes and they all seemed surprised as well and came over to look at her. Well she didn't keep them open very long but it was enough to let us know that she was still here with us, fighting, and giving us hope that she was going to be okay. She remained very quiet today, resting really well. She was up and down all night I guess and today she remained very level. They told us that every hour that is good means we are just that much closer to recovery. Dr. Burkhardt came by this morning to talk to us and he seemed a whole lot more positive...not so sad like he was last night. He told us that last night he had to do CPR on her for a hour and that he'd done CPR on kids for over 2-3 hours and they have done just means her little heart is a little more bruise and swollen and will need a few more days to heal. He also told us that they'd run a ultrasound on her brain today to see if the clot went up there and did any damage and to see if she had any bleeding on the brain. It took a while for the results to come back but when they did he didn't see anything that concerns him! Praise God! They will run more ultrasounds on her in the next few days but this initial one looks good! more load taken off our chests! And he also said that when he was in there she was moving her arms and legs...he watched her for a bit to make sure they weren't seizure movements but he said they were just nice steady movements and that was a good sign to him. We didn't realize that these things would or could far as we understood she'd be so knocked out that she'd just be laying there limp. So after all that Jon and I came back to the Ronald McDonald House to just take a shower and try to take a nap. We were able to a little bit but we also felt the need to be back up there with Emma. Jon's brother Matt and his wife Chris also took us out to eat tonight which was so nice to get a good meal (steak and baked potato!) and start feeling a little better...sometimes you forget you have to take care of yourself! Then we went back to say good night to Emma and while we talked to her you could tell her eyes were moving....kind of blinking as we talked. She knows we are there and she's fighting to overcome all of this and get better. God is with her and we find comfort in that. She still has a long road ahead of her and she's not out of the woods yet but atleast today we have more hope! Know that we count it all blessing for all the prayers you all have said for us. Emma is in good hands (God's hands) and you all are helping her along the way...she can't wait to meet you all! Good night!
Jon, Ali, & Emmalee


Anonymous said...

Dear Ali and Jon,

This was her due date, remember? She is still doing the hard work of being born--with very capable help and lots of love surrounding her. I am so relieved to hear that things are looking up. I do hope you can rest. Giving birth is a big ordeal, for you and Jon. You are so lucky to have that room so nearby and family nearby too. Even in the midst of this you seem able to count your blessings. Peace and sleep,

Angie said...

So glad that she has been responding well. Wow, what a rollercoaster, for sure. I'm so glad you guys were able to shower, take a short nap, and eat a good meal. Good grief, just gave birth to a child! :) Praying for you guys, as always. Looking forward to hearing your next update. Love you guys.

Jeanette said...

We're hear praying. I just read a quote:
"We can close our eyes knowing that God has his eye upon us ... we can sleep knowing that he is awake."

Pam said...

Hi Ali & Jon,

I have read all of the news and have seen the beautiful pics of darling Emmalee.

Wanted to let you know I have been thinking of you and sending prayers from my heart....and will continue to do so until all of you - your new family :-) are safe and sound.

Positive vibes and faith in the Lord are so evident with you both.

I'm so happy to read about the miracles Emmalee is showing the doctor, nurses and you guys. What a sweetie pie.

Take care.
Thinking of you.xoxoxox