Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Emmalee Went Home

Hi all I just thought I'd write to you to tell you all that our little Emmalee went home today. After having her echo done today we realized God was making it very clear to us that she was suppose to come home to Him today. They had told us that unless we had seen a miraculous change in her heart they had pretty much done all they could do for her and we needed to make a decision. Well her heart had gotten much worse and there were many more blood clots in her ventricles. Jon and I sat there and watched them do the echo on her and we could see all the clots and we knew right then that we need to say good-bye to our sweetheart. So we gathered the family and they all came and said their good-byes. They then let us hold our sweet girl before they turned off her machine. It was moment she was sleeping content in her Daddy's arms and then next she was sleeping peacefully in her Heavenly Father's arms. I'll write more later on the events of today and the plans we have for her service...her service will be Saturday and we'll let you know the time later. Just wanted you all to know that Emmalee experienced her miracle today. She is healed completely and running around Heaven! Thank you all for your love, prayers, and support.
Jon, Ali and Emmalee


Anonymous said...

Ali, Jon & Emmalee,
I cry for you all today, and I will continue to pray for you for your strengh to make it thru the following years. Emmalee is running around Heaven, saying I Love You Mom & Dad!!! Love to you two, and the whole family.

The Swartys said...

I was just struck by the fact that we are reminded that, "when we are weak, He is strong." We love you guys and would love you be there to just love on you guys. Please know you have not left our thoughts and minds in days. What a thought that she has no more machines, a perfect heart, and that she gets to meet my sister. Thanks for sharing this journey of yours with us, painful, inspiring, sad and joyful. Much love, see you soon

Michelle (D'Amico) McCallum said...

You are in our prayers. We are so sorry for your loss.
Just know that Emmalee was loved by so many, even those who were never blessed with meeting her. May God continue to bring you peace in the coming days.

Anonymous said...

Words cannot express how sorry we are. Please know that you have our deepest sympathy.

We have so much admiration for your unwaivering faith and love.

Jessica Lideen
Dan, Wes, Owen & Graham

Rebeca said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your sweet girl. May you be comforted knowing she is in the arms of Jesus.

Jonathan, Amanda & Luke said...

I have never cried so many tears for a little girl I have never met. My heart aches so much but I am reminded by what you said that she is with her Father now and has a perfect heart. You guys are loved by so many and would probably be amazed to find out how many people you don't even know have been, and will continue, praying for you. I wish more than anything that I could be there right now to hug you and tell you how sorry I am. I hate that you have to go through this but at least you are not alone. I love you, Ali.

Anonymous said...

We continue to pray for you, asking Jesus to send much love down to wrap around you both!
Cheryl (friend of your Aunt Suzi)

Anonymous said...

Jon & Ali,

Words cannot express the sorrow that we all feel for you today. We can't see the big picture yet, but God will use this for good. I am so amazed at your strength through all of this. What a tesimony you have. We will continue to keep you in prayer as you go through this next chapter in life. We love you and are grieving with you.

Brittney said...

So glad we could be with little Emma today. Please let us know if there's anything we can help you with. These are hard times, but I rejoice with you that Emma is with her heavenly father. What a sweet girl. We love her and you so much.

The Moser Family said...

Dear Jon and Ali,
words seem pointless at a time like this. You have been unbelievable witnesses. You offered such comfort when you wrote that Emmalee is completely healed and running around heaven right now. It seems backwards as I should be the one with words to comfort you! God surely is doing mighty works with you. Please know we are praying for you.
Love,Marianne and all

Anonymous said...

Dear Ali and Jon,
Your faith and stand for your trust in God is incredible and an inspiration to all of us. I can't imagine how very hard this has been for you but no matter how huge our heartaches, God's love is enough - it's enough! You know you are loved by me too! I want to be there!
with love always, mary g

Nate and Jen said...

We can't begin to express our sympathy. May God continue to be with you in your time of healing. We're here for you if/when you need it.

Anonymous said...

You are in our prayers every day. God's love and peace envelope you both as His strength sustains you.
Amy and Nathan Voight

Lisa said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your precious beautiful little girl. Believe it or not, time will help heal your hearts. There will always be that spot there..not quite healed, when she is in your heart. You will never forget her and will always love her. I am just so sorry and I am crying for your loss. I lost my son shortly after birth 7 yrs ago so I have an idea as to what you are going through.

mandy cavaliere said...

I cannot express how sorry I am for your loss. Your strength and courage has been inspiring, but I know that you must be hurting deeply inside. I wish that there was something that I could do for you.

Anonymous said...

My heart is broken....
May you be blessed for all your sorrow and heartache. You have been such a witness to all... I love the picture of Emmalee running around in heaven.....May you be continually blessed and be at peace...

karla and crew

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for sharing this journey with us. We are so blessed to experience your faith in Our Heavenly Father and we are thankful to him for Emma and for the sign you needed that he needed her Home. His peace be with you. Much Love Dave, Lynne and Lindsey Meyer

Anonymous said...

Jon & Ali -
Our hearts break for the two of you tonight.

May you both continue trusting in the truth of God's promises & in His faithfulness during 'this season'. May His peace & presence hold you especially close... just like He is right now cuddling, and holding close, your beautiful and precious little Emmalee!

With our love
The Muellers - Wayne & Judy

thatangiegirl said...

I have never grieved so hard for someone I've known for so short of time, and never met. I am crying along with you today, but i have peace knowing that she really has received her miracle, just like you said. We wont ever understand the pain youre going through, but please let me know if there is anything i can do for you guys. I love you!

Anonymous said...

Our prayers continue to be with you. May each day bring you greater peace in knowing she is His angel now.

Steve & Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Ali and Jon,

My heart is so heavy for you, yet so inspired by your boundless love for your precious daughter and your unwaivering faith. May you be wrapped in that same love and assurance in the days ahead.

Kris Estenson

Anonymous said...

Ali and Jon,
I am so sorrowing with you in the loss and death of Emmalee. It is all too, too much to absorb: her beautiful birth (you did so well, Ali, birthing her without a C-Section! What a great mother you are to have given your baby girl such a good start in life!) and then her death in such a short period of time. My heart truly aches, and tears abound for this huge loss to you and to all of us.
With so much love,

Anonymous said...

Dear Ali & Jon,
We are so sorry for your loss. Emmalee truly was an angel sent from above and now she is watching over you with the prettiest of wings. You have both been so strong and unwavering in your faith. We will continue to pray for you - for peace, comfort and strength. May you always hold little Emma close to your hearts.
Laura (Chris' sister)

Shoemaker Family said...

A true gift that God has given us to grieve with HOPE. Praise You Father for your LOVE for your children. Surround this family with your LOVE in way that are new.

Pam said...

Ali & Jon,

My heart aches for you.
So sad for you.

Thinking of you and prayers for continued strength in the days ahead.

Take care.

MommytoJ said...

Dear Jon and Ali,

We pray for peace, comfort, and strength in the days ahead. We love you both.

Barry, Sue, and Jeremiah

Terri (one of your SU sidelines) said...

I am so sorry! I lost my little baby 11 years ago this month. While you will never forget it does get easier over time. I like to imagine all of the little ones playing together.

Anonymous said...


Child of faith, conceived in love.
Desired on earth and heaven above.

Child of faith, knit in the womb
The fight for life, a battle loomed

Child of faith, born loved, with life
Battle joined with prayer and knife

Child of faith, child of the Son
Battle over, battle won.

Child of faith, now running free
Child of faith ... dearest Emmalee.

May God's love comfort and sustain you.
Gary White

Anonymous said...

Our heartfelt sympathy in the loss of your sweet baby girl. We have been following your journey, and have been praying the whole time. We continue to pray for strength for you. What strong faith you have and such love and support to help carry you through this time. Emmalee touched so many lives in the short time she was on this earth. My heart rejoiced and broke several times reading the entries and seeing the beautiful pictures. I cant even begin to imagine what you have been going through. Just know God will carry you through and you have much love and admiration from family and friends. Draw on thier love and support to get you through the tough times..we all love you.
Sandy Johnson and family
Inver Grove Heights, MN
(Uncle Dave Christensen's daughter)

Anonymous said...

Ali and Jon,

I am so sorry for your loss of your precious daughter. I know words cannot begin to take away the pain but I do know we serve a Loving God who is weeping along side you. Run to His open arms and let His peace that surpasses all understanding guard your heart in mind in Christ Jesus. You guys will continue to be in my prayers.

(a friend of your cousin Andrea)

Anonymous said...

Good-bye sweet Emmalee. You are so loved by those you left behind. We will look forward to meeting you someday in heaven. Your mom, dad and grandparents gave you such an incredible legacy. You were a witness to all of us in your short life. We love you and will miss you but rejoice in knowing you are in the arms of Jesus completely healed. What a miracle!

Anonymous said...

We don't know how to express how sorry we are about the loss of your precious baby girl. We've been reading your updates daily and have been praying daily for you both and little Emmalee. Thank you for reminding us all that God's plan for our lives might not be what our plan is. You have shown such faith and are both an inspiration to many. We are continuing to pray for you and your family.

Taylor and Anne

Anonymous said...

Dear Jon & Ali,

We are so very sorry to hear of your loss. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Brad & Amy Sillanpa

Carmine said...

May God continue to grant you His grace and peace. What a blessing that God allowed you to "borrow" one of his precious angels

Amy Jacobson-Archiver's said...

I've never cried so much for someone I've never met. Please accept my sympathies and love. Emma was an inspiration to us all - such a fighter in a tiny, broken body. Take care of yourselves.
Amy Jacobson

Lynette said...

Ali & Jon,
I'm just so sorry.

J & D Freed said...

Wow, we are so sorry. We are so sad and so overwhelmed for you. We have been thinking about you constantly since we found out your princess went to be with Jesus. Our hearts are broken for you, but we are so glad to see that you know this is her miracle!! Sweet baby girl, running and playing with Jesus...what a comforting thought!
We love you so much and are so sad for you and so so sorry.
Danielle and John

Anonymous said...

Jon and Ali,
thank you for your powerful words and reminding everyone by your witness what is truly important. Emmalee was a very powerful girl who will touch many hearts even as she has gone home to her heavenly Dad. Our heart aches for you and we are praying for you.
Marcia and Tom Bisel

Stephen & Michelle said...

I don't know if you remember me from IWU, but when Amanda emailed asking us to pray, I couldn't stop thinking about you guys and your little Emmalee.

It seems bittersweet that Stephen and I are celebrating the life of our own daughter who just turned a year at the same time you are mourning the loss of your daughter. I guess I think over and over of the lyrics of the worship song "Blessed Be Your Name" and how the song says "You give and take away, You give and take away. My heart will CHOOSE to say, Lord blessed be Your name." So much harder to live that out than sing the words.

I don't know if you are familiar with the Christian singing group Selah, but I love their rich words and deep faith in Christ. Todd Smith, one of the main singers, and his wife Angie just lost a child and it is incredible to read their story. Their website is and is dedicated to their sweet daughter who recently passed away. When I have been in deep pain in the past, I found help in hearing about others who have been helps me feel like I am not alone, so I thought maybe you might like to read their blog.

I will continue to remember you and Jon in my prayers during this difficult time. I pray that God will give you the strength and peace and an overwhelming sense of His presence.

Michelle (Snyder) Mowat

Anonymous said...

I only know of and love you through Angie...but we are praying for your beautiful family and are honored to be a part of your journey.

-Daniel and Kristi Fair

kirk proctor said...

We love you guys!

You will never know how much little Emmalee has impacted our lives. And she will contiue to have an influence on our lives as we will often think of her! Even our 2 year old son was impacted as he began to learn about prayer and every night asked if we could pray for baby Emmalee.

You and Jon have also influenced our lives. We are amazed by you two. You have caused us to have great discussions on God, faith, love, priorities and what it really means to believe God and to trust Him. We will continue to be praying for you guys and praising the Lord for Emmalee.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ali & Jon,
Amanda has kept us updated from the first moment she found out you were expecting. We checked your blog regularly once precious Emmalee arrived. What a beautiful baby! And what awesome parents you two have been! Just think, of ALL the parents in the world God could have shared with Emmalee, He chose you! And after hearing your faith over and over again, we all know why you were hand picked for Emmalee. In her short time on this earth, she was surrounded by a Mommy & Daddy who demonstrated God's unconditional and neverending love. Please know we will continue keeping you close in our prayers. Cathy & John Moore (Amanda's parents)

The Chinlund Family said...

Jon and Ali,
I'm pretty sure you don't know me, but I was an IWUer and have been praying for your sweet baby girl since Michelle McCallum posted a request on her blog. My heart is breaking for you today. A mom myself, I can't imagine what you must be going through, but I am praising God that your faith is in Christ as I'm sure that's the only thing that will get you through this difficult time. Your daughter is beautiful, and I'm sure she's counting down the days until she gets to jump into your arms in heaven! What a comfort that you'll see her again! You have been an amazing witness to me and I'm sure to countless others. God bless you now and always.

Katy (Anderson) Chinlund

mandy said...

Ali & Jon,
What a brave fight little Emmalee fought.
You will always have a angel in heaven watching over you both.
God bless you all.
The Murphy's.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Jon and Ali,

Hold tight and be gentle to each other during this time of grieving. You have shown great love and commitment to Emmalee and God and that same love and commitment for each other will be your life raft through these troubled waters. We want and try to understand but only the two of you really know how this feels. Peace, strength, solace, love and enduring faith--these are my wishes for you.
With heavy heart,

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say you were in my mind and heart all day. Glad to here that she is having fun running around heaven all better. she will watch over you guys and be sure that you guys are ok.

love Melissa

the mombergs said...

Ali & Jon,
As I sit here in tears, I can only imagine the amount of pain you are feeling with little Emmalee's departure to heaven. But, take comfort in knowing that she's healthy, happy, and full of life now with her Maker. I pray that you would continue to rest in the palm of Jesus' hands, knowing that he's *still* good, ALL the time... and he'll bring you through this.

Much love and prayers for all 3 of you,
~lori & chris momberg